Journey to the centre of the earth

Journey to the centre of the earth

Book Title: Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Author: Jules Verne

My Review Rating: 4/5

Date: 01-Dec-2020

I must admit this is one of the best works in sci-fi adventures. The book is written in 1800s but it manages to keep the reader fascinated by the vivid imagination of the earth deep under. The author has employed vivid imagination and creativity while detailing the events. Although it is a fictitious work and seemingly out of the world, but the events are presented so convincingly and corroborated with accurate scientific facts and calculations that few instances can lead us to believe as if it is actually a real life expedition!

The book revolves around 3 main characters Professor Lidenbrock, an eccentric scientist, his Nephew Axel (also the narrator of the story) and Hans, the trusted Icelandic hunter cum guide cum servant. Axel cracks the code to a runic manuscript which reveals that its author has found a passage to the centre of the Earth through Iceland’s inactive volcano Snaefellsjokull. Professor Lidenbrock, Axel and their guide Hans descend the volcano in hopes of reaching to their destination. Upon descending they encounter many dangers and strange phenomenon like Axel getting separated from the group, gigantic mushrooms, tornadoes, an underground ocean, electric storm, cave-ins and living prehistoric creatures. Eventually, in a nerve wrecking move the three explorers are catapulted out of the volcano in southern Italy from where they move on to their respective destinations.

Although I enjoyed every bit of the book but let me admit it is not an easy read as it is very science-based and uses so much geography related terminology that sometimes it may be difficult to comprehend.

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