365 Bedtime Stories

365 Bedtime Stories is a compilation of short stories for small kids, one for each day of the year. Kids like to hear fancy stories of fairy-tales and also a new story every time. No repetition for the little one and they are smart enough to catch a repetitive story.

This book has solved the headache of young parents to come up with a new fancy story every night. The earlier generations grew up on stories narrated to them by their grandparents, the typical dadi-nani ki kahaaniyan. But, in today’s times of nuclear families and working parents, it is impossible to entertain the demands of the kids all the time. Om Books Publications has come up with this beautiful creation in the form of a collection of short-fables for the entertainment of kids, which in turn is a relief for the parents.


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Om Books

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14 Days

ISBN: 978-8187107538


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