6 Horrific Serial Killers’ True Crime Stories


Entrepreneurs, farmers, nurses, roofers…Killers.
Serial killers are not simple monsters, as many believe. They are human beings just like us; men and women who have made the wrong choices or been turned into ugly creatures by their upbringing.
Some seek to cause pain and shock – others just wish to scratch an itch that they have in their mind. All of them bring darkness in their own way.
Among them are those that work with accomplices, others prefer to go alone. It doesn’t matter; their victims die all the same.
Have you ever wanted to know what lies in a serial killer’s mind?
Come with us, reader, and you shall find out.
Six Bloody Fantasies is a bloody collection of tales, containing the biographies of six serial killers who terrorized the world at one point in recent history, their actions ripping apart the lives of their victims and their families.
We strive to give you every single detail, so do not expect us to be soft on what is about to be described. You must be warned beforehand: You may not sleep again after reading this book…

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Ryan Becker

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ISBN: 978-1981374441


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