A God Who Hates Women: A Woman’s Journey Through Oppression


For a woman in a male-dominated society, ‘choice’ is an alien word. And inequality, violence, injustice, abuse, and discrimination a daily living reality.

A God Who Hates Women is an emotional journey through a labyrinth of violence and civil war. It’s a journey through a battlefield riddled with archaic cultural demands and explosive emotions . . . where a mother and her son struggle to navigate through a cruel patriarchal society in an attempt to survive. To live.

Will endurance and courage overcome daily abuse? Will a crumbling homeland deprive a young boy of his right to identity? Will it wipe away all dreams of a future?

A myriad of memories and experiences are woven together in this riveting true tale of one family’s heartbreaking struggle through the mire of religion, politics, war and their unwavering hope for peace.

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Dr. Majid Rafizadeh

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14 Days

ISBN: 978-8175993013


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