A Mauryan Adventure: Girls Of India


3rd Century BCE, Pataliputra, India
Madhura lives in the legendary city of Pataliputra during the reign of King Ashoka of the Maurayan dynasty. She works in the palace as the maid and companion of Princess Sanghamitra.

Madhura does not like it at all! Life is so boring. She dreams of travelling across the land like her brother Kartik, who is a trader and growing up to become a soldier, fighting with swords and riding horses.

Madhura’s dream suddenly come true as she travels with Kartik from Pataliputra to Ujjaini in a caravan. On the way mysterious things begin to happen. Who is that fat man giving out packets full of gold and silver coins to Kartik? Why are they stopping at Vidisha to meet a Buddhist monk? Kartik is up to something and Madhura has to find out the truth.

Read this fascinating account of Madhura’s life, and discover what it was like to grow up in the past!

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Subhadra Sen Gupta

Reading Period

7 Days

ISBN: 978-0143332138


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