After Burn And After Shock

After Burn & After Shock (Mills And Boon Cosmo) is a combination of two different novels which is later combined. After Burn is about a young woman named Gianna. Gia’s family had a restaurant. As a fresh graduate Gia was interested in this business, and so she wanted to work with Lei Yeung, a sharp business woman. When Gia was in the college she had a lover named Jackson Rutledge. Their affair lasted just for five short weeks and after that he had abandoned her. Since jacks had left, she learnt the tricks of the trade from Lei Yeung in the city of New York.

Gia is assigned a task of signing two chefs. These are the celebrity chefs with whom Lan Pembry is trying to have a deal. There is a fight between Lan Pembrey and Lei for the celebrity chefs. Lan Pembry starts a business with Jax who is Gia’s ex-lover. Gia meets Jax after two long years. She becomes more angry with Jax as he is doing business with Lan Pembry. Jax wanted to have an affair with Gia again but will Gia be ready to accept him who had abandoned her marks the crux of the story.
After Burn is about professional and personal life of Gia. Here Gia is trying to find out Jax’s history and at the same time she is making effective moves to secure the business deal for Lei.
After Shock is about Gia and Jax living together. Here we see how Gia’s business deal plays out with a couple of shocking moves from Jax and keeps readers guessing until the end of the novel. After Burn & After Shock (Mills And Boon Cosmo) was published by Harlequin India Private Limited in 2014 and is available in paperback.


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Sylvia Day

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14 Days

ISBN: 978-9351064336


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