Amar Chitra Katha – Krishna: The Protector Of Dharma


Playful cowherd, supreme intellectual, the ultimate romantic Krishna, one of the most loved gods of Indian mythology has a myriad forms with which he reaches out to his devotees. Here are five enthralling stories that tell of this invincible deity. Stories of him as a child, mischievous, bubbling with enthusiasm and plunging from one escapade into another, as a lover who woos and elopes with the beautiful Princess Rukmini, as a man defending his honor after being wrongly accused of stealing the Syamantaka gem, as a friend of the Pandavas who tells them how to defeat the powerful Emperor Jarasandha and as the vanquisher of the demon Narakasura who symbolizes all the forces of evil.

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Anant Pai

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ISBN: 978-9385874758


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