Amie And The Chawl Of Colour


A magical tale of bringing color back into the city. All color has left Amie’s city, Doombay, making its usually friendly people think in black and white and come to fists over petty differences, and issues of caste and religion. Worse still, it makes Amie’s mother ill. The only way to save her is to bring color back. So Amie embarks on a quest to Hue Country, meeting along the way her allies Mitey the flea, Soma the ant, and the rat Dveeja. But the problem is greater than Amie has anticipated, for Hue Country, where colors are sieved, sifted, sang and danced into being, is besieged by the evil, egoistic Emperor of Gloom and his minions.

A fascinating tale of imaginary landscapes and magical adventures, in the tradition of The Little Prince and Haroun and the Sea of Stories, Amie and the Chawl of color marks the debut of a promising new talent.

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Chatura Rao

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7 Days

ISBN: 978-0143335924


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