Augustus Caesar: A Life From Beginning To End


He was the first emperor of one of the greatest empires ever known to man. He commanded unmatched authority in the ancient world and was always one step ahead of his opponents. He had an intellect and a sharp wit that could cut down his foes just as easily as the steel of his sword. The life of Octavian?later known as Augustus?is so rich and full, it would take several volumes to cover all of his exploits. Although he lived and died over 2,000 years ago, this founder of the Roman Empire is as intriguing as ever.
Inside you will read about…
– The Adoptive Son of Julius Caesar- Defeating Mark Antony- The Second Triumvirate- The Suicide Pact- The First Roman EmperorAnd much more!Learn the riveting history and the inspirational life of the most noble Roman of them all?Augustus.

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ISBN: 978-1720450832


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