Booming Brands – Inspiring Journeys Of 11 “Made In India” Brands


In today’s changing, competitive and crowded marketplace, building an admirable brand has become one of the toughest and most important tasks for entrepreneurs and marketers. Moreover, many marketing strategies that used to work in the past are becoming obsolete today. If you are looking for answers to burning questions such as:
1) How were new age admirable brands created from scratch?
2) How did these brands achieve popularity in a highly crowded and competitive market?
3) How did entrepreneurs behind these brands identify new opportunities and create million-dollar markets?

Then Booming Brands is a gold mine of information that you can’t afford to ignore. The lessons derived from the hard-earned success of these 11 Indian brands from multiple industries and domains, can help you carve out your own journey and brand strategy.

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Harsh Pamnani

Reading Period

14 Days

ISBN: 978-9387860087


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