Chanakya: The Master of Statecraft


I, Chanakya, vow not to bind my hair until I have unseated you from the throne of Magadha.’
When learned Brahmin Vishnugupta is humiliated by arrogant king Dhana Nanda in a public gathering, he swears revenge. Anger is his weakness, but strategy, his strength. This formerly unknown Brahmin goes on to become the most well-known kingmaker in Indian history: Chanakya. Using a combination of cunning, ruthlessness and luck, Chanakya fulfils his vow and propels a boy of unknown origins, Chandragupta Maurya, to the throne of the most powerful kingdom of that time, an empire even Alexander the Great hesitated to confront.
This fascinating account shows how Chanakya went from being a penniless fugitive with the rebel prince of Pataliputra to the prime minister of Magadha, and finally the author of the groundbreaking Arthashastra. With fun snippets and lesser-known facts about this remarkable statesman and the Mauryan age, this book promises to be an exciting and gripping adventure story.

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Deepa Agarwal

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14 Days

ISBN: 978-0143332145


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