Circus: Bookmine Series

“A circus is more than just tricks” the popular and fun-filled Koman Circus has been wrested away from Koman, the beloved ringmaster, by his cunning manager, Kelan. And now sadly Koman is dead, leaving the animals and other circus artistes helpless. Led by Chimpa the chimpanzee, the animals decide to start their own circus. They learn to do everything themselves – from managing money to thinking of new and dazzling tricks. Will their circus, the first of its kind, triumph over all odds? Or will Kelan succeed in his wicked plans to take everything away from them again? This classic action-packed story of loyalty, faith and teamwork, written by the iconic Malayalam writer ‘Mali’, has been translated fully into English for the first time by his granddaughter and author Parvathi Ramkumar, to bring it to thousands more young readers.


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V. Madhavan Nair Mali, Parvathi Ramkumar

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7 Days

ISBN: 978-9351951865


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