Conversations with Mani Ratnam

Anybody familiar with Indian cinema has heard of Mani Ratnam and his groundbreaking films. He is considered to be one of the finest filmmakers of India and has achieved success and recognition both nationally as well as internationally. His films have been and still are extremely popular and always convey a significant message to the audience. Conversations With Mani Ratnam is a one of a kind book, as it reveals the filmmaker to the general crowd, for the first time perhaps, in a candid interview.

Mani Ratnam has directed numerous movies, especially in Tamil. In fact, he is considered to be solely responsible for bringing Tamil cinema into a national front by introducing his films to audiences around the country. His technique of releasing his movies in both the Hindi and Tamil languages has not only gained him more popularity but has also served the purpose of combining audiences all over the nation in their appreciation of quality cinema. Conversations With Mani Ratnam reveals the filmmaker in a never before seen avatar.

In the book, the author has tried to bring out all of Mani Ratnam’s characteristics, both as a filmmaker and as an individual. The book also includes numerous pictures of his various scripts and candid stills of the artist at work. In addition, the book reveals how Mani Ratnam has launched the careers of many Indian actors and even musicians like A. R. Rahman.


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Baradwaj Rangan

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21 Days

ISBN: 978-0143421108


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