Dictionary of English: The Udder Side

Did you know that many words have a dark side, unbeknownst to most dictionaries? This book seeks to expose the debauched, the ribald, the irreverent and the non-conformist side of seemingly honest, God-fearing words and phrases and lay them bare for all to see.

So here’s a little sampler for you:

Chaperone: A large contraceptive device recommended to you by your parents.

Intuition: Sixth sense found in women. In men, it’s tough to find even one.

Pharaoh: Mummy who became daddy.

Sex Appeal: A nocturnal begging ritual performed by husbands.

Here’s to the English language finally coming out of the closet Cheers!


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P.V. Subramaniam

Reading Period

14 Days

ISBN: 978-8172344719


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