Don’t Startup: What No One Tells You About Starting Your Own Business


No one tells you that:
-Money is seldom the reason why people don’t start businesses – fear of money is.

-Failures will far outnumber successes. Make failure a friend. Become familiar with it – know how to look it in the eye and find out more about it.

-People do business with people they like and are familiar with. To most people, YOU are the business.

-There is no good or bad investor; there are only right or wrong investors.

-What makes an entrepreneur special is the bridge of intelligence between the left and the right brain, the bridge between Business and Art.

Through this never-before-seen side of entrepreneurship, Karthik Kumar explores the various emotional challenges an entrepreneur faces and also tells you how to overcome them. Don’t Startup is not about giving you the knowledge and the know-hows of starting up. It is about imparting the wisdom that Karthik has gained from his journey and how that wisdom will be the strength in yours.

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Karthik Kumar

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ISBN: 978-1644291863


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