Economic History Of India 1857-1947

One of the most widely-read accounts of Indian economy under colonial rule, The Economic History of India documents and examines multilayered structural shifts in India’s economy initiated by the Raj. Strongly differing from linear perspectives, this book situates colonial India’s transition to a stable democratic state in the rubric of global and South Asian economic history. This new edition interconnects Independent India’s development issues to the country’s economic history. Significantly revised and updated, it undertakes a nuanced analysis of ? India’s transition under colonialism, in terms of the impact on education, law, business organization, and land rights ? trends in macroeconomic aggregates, such as national income, population, labour, savings, and investment ? major sectors of development, namely agriculture, mining, industry, infrastructure, banking, and trade ? the interconnection of colonial economic history to the economic change in post-Independence India Lucid and accessible, this edition presents a fresh reader-friendly format, additional illustrations, detailed suggested readings, and a new glossary.


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Tirthankar Roy

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ISBN: 978-0198074175


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