First Dinosaur Encyclopedia

This is an ideal encyclopaedia for a child’s first knowledge about the prehistoric world, especially about the dinosaurs, the large animals that fascinate the children the most. It features colourful pictures and other illustrations that enable the children to know about their favourite animal, their habitats, habits and the reasons for their extinction.

Apart from being a preliminary introduction, the colourful photographs included in this book shall also acquaint the kids with the various species of dinosaurs as well as explore the vivid facets of a prehistoric world. In an entertaining way, the children also do get to learn how the scientists came to know about the prehistoric world just by studying fossils and soil.

To make the whole subject all the more interesting, the book has been divided into nine sections. They are: Age of Dinosaurs, Let’s Look At Dinosaurs, Triassic Dinosaurs, Jurassic Dinosaurs, Cretaceous Dinosaurs, Other Life Forms, Fossils, End of Dinosaurs, and a Reference Section.

An ideal encyclopaedia for the children, the children shall be able to delve into the truths of prehistoric world, know of all the different plant and animal species that inhabited the planet during those ages gone by, as well as be able to differentiate between the herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs, all of it in a fun loved gamestyle rather than ones regular studies.


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ISBN: 978-1405338882


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