Fright Or Flight

A corpse smiling at you in the middle of the night is not the most pleasant of experiences. It is calculated to give you goosebumps. And when the smile becomes an evil grimace, it is time to say your prayers. But there was no time for prayer. The smile widened even further, and’ This is a collection of hair-raising horror and adventure stories written by undisputed masters of the genre. Selected and compiled by Ruskin Bond, these are stories by F.W. Champion, W.F. Harvey, Maurice Hewlett, John Eyton, and many others. From beasts in the form of human hands to explorers lost in the wilderness, to rising dead bodies and the kidnapping of a little girl by a fairy these tales will thrill you like no other. So, dive under the covers and take the Fright or Flight challenge.


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Ruskin Bond

Reading Period

14 Days

ISBN: 978-9353040697


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