Ghost Stories From The Raj

Stories about the existence of ghosts and evil spirits have been an integral part of the stories told to us by our grandmothers, our literature and our folklore.
Ghost Stories From The Raj by Ruskin Bond contains nineteen short stories which were written during the British colonial times. These stories give the reader an insight into the perspective of British soldiers and officers on the subject of ghost stories. Some of the stories which have been mentioned here are believable, some are humorous and others, like The Men Tigers, are unbelievable by any stretch of imagination. This story is about strange tigers that are said to exist in the forests of Central India. These tigers, after eating a mysterious root, could take the shape of man and after eating another root could return to their original form. Other stories like The Haunted Village, The Return of Imray, The Old Graveyard at Sirur, Chunia, The Summoning of Arnold, Panther People, Caulfield’s Crime and The Pool are also included in this book.


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Ruskin Bond

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ISBN: 978-8171679928


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