Henry VIII: A Life From Beginning To End

Henry VIII
Since his death in the year 1547, King Henry VIII has been celebrated as a chivalrous pioneer and reviled as a brutal tyrant, but he has never been ignored. Henry was responsible for the separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church, the ramifications of which reverberated through subsequent centuries of European history. Domestically, Henry revolutionized the English Constitution, elevating his own status to that of a God.
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– From Childhood to Coronation- Early Reign- The King?s Great Matter- The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn- Dissolution of the Monasteries- Anne of Cleves- The Execution of Katherine Howard- A Rough Wooing in Scotland and War with FranceHenry?s belief in his own divine right certainly played a part in his six marriages, his penchant for executing those who disagreed with him and his many disagreements with the Pope. Chauvinistic, chivalrous, tyrannical, visionary, it is possible that King Henry VIII was all of these things and yet however you view his place in British History, his reign was nothing short of momentous.


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