House Of Doctors: The Inside Story Of A Medical School


What goes into making a doctor?
Beyond draconian examinations and endless studies, it entails long duty hours with little reprieve, the pressure on the psyche to be always right, the mettle to survive in an unforgiving environment full of patients, anxious caregivers, and a whole world full of hope and anxiety. All the while being painfully aware that they cannot always live up to expectations.
House of Doctors traces the arduous yet exciting journey of medical students, as they move on from practising on cadavers to dealing with real people and diseases, from unrealistic pressures and conflicting situations that test their grit to putting aside their own emotions and make tough decisions. And, above all, the tenacity to revel in their profession.
Candid and emotional, this book reveals a side of the profession that few can ever comprehend, as the medical students take upon unforeseen challenges and push new boundaries in their quest to be known as lifesavers!

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Tripti Sharan

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ISBN: 978-9385854125


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