James Dean: A Life From Beginning To End


James Dean
James Dean is known as the first rebel. He was a ?50s-styled, leather-clad biker rebuking authority. With his black turtleneck and a penchant for bongo drums and poetry, he could also easily be a kind of forerunner to the beatniks. And with his unkempt, wild hair and far-reaching philosophies, he is often cited as a kind of early hippie as well. But whatever category you put him in, James Dean was the embodiment of cool. He had a cool look, cool clothes, cool attitude, and a cool backstory that most know nothing about. James Dean began life in Indiana as the descendant of a long line of farmers. After the tragic passing of his mother at a young age and the virtual abandonment of his father, he was left to be raised by his sister and her husband on a farm in Fairmount, Indiana.
Inside you will read about…
– Losing His Family- A Troubled Childhood- Dean?s First Big Breaks- Friends and Lovers- Dean?s Acting and Car Racing Career- The Final RideAnd much more!So just how did this Indiana farm boy become a Hollywood legend and kickstart a counterculture rebellion that would last throughout the ?50s, ?60s, and beyond? Who was James Dean? Come along as we find out more about the man, the legend, and the eternal rebel without a cause: James Dean.

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