John Wayne: A Life From Beginning To End


John WayneJohn Wayne graced the screen as a cowboy, an all-around rugged hero of the plains. With his “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” determination and raw sense of individualism, in many ways he came to symbolize everything that Americans held dear. His characters, tough as nails, were always idealistic adventurers seeking to right the wrongs of the world. But who was John Wayne? Born Marion Morrison, most don’t even know his real name. In this book, we will cut through all the hype and get to the real man behind the legend of John Wayne.
Inside you will read about…? The Boy Named Marion Morrison
? Becoming John Wayne
? Stuck in the B-List
? Riding the Stagecoach to Success
? War and Love Affairs
? Late Life and Lung Cancer
And much more!

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ISBN: 978-1798843307


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