Koobandhee: The Adventures Of Bala And The Book-Barfing Monster


Bala’s books?and his life?are under threat. He has to contend with a book-chewing little sister and Mrs. Shashee, the librarian with a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who misplaces or mutilates books. Things get worse when Bala encounters the one-eyed bookbarfing monster, Koobandhee (no relation to the headless rakshasa, Kabandha). She blames Bala for her malfunctioning digestive system and threatens to swallow him like a tiny pip. Will Bala survive? Or will he vanish without a trace?

?The second story in the award-winning the Book-Asuras series.
?The first book Bookasura was the Comic Con Award winner for the year 2015.

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Arundhati Venkatesh

Reading Period

7 Days

ISBN: 978-9351032113


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