Kps Gill The Paramount Cop

In 1860s, when the civil war was on in USA, General Ulysses S. Grant, under President Lincoln, Played a major role in preserving the Union. Soon thereafter, the Americans elected Grant as their 18th President. In 1990s, KPS Gill played a similar role in preserving the Indian Union. But, do we even remember him? Mahatma Gandhi being his role model, he practiced non-violence while in school and college. But, destiny landed him amidst troubled times and bestowed him with the task of fighting for his country, with an iron hand. In his career as an officer of the Indian Police Service, spanning over almost four decades- Gill epitomized honesty, unwavering courage, unbeatable intelligence and uncompromising patriotism. He, thus, became the greatest police officer to have walked this planet.


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Rahul Chandan

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ISBN: 978-9350335604


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