Love, Loss, And What We Ate : A Memoir


Love, Loss and What We Ate’ is a memoir from the widely successful Indian born model, author and producer – Padma Lakshmi. In her book, she recounts her journey and the experiences that helped her to become the successful woman that she is today. Her book released worldwide on Women’s day in the year 2016 and received positive responses from all critics.

The book is about her journey and the pangs and toils that she had to face. In a very simple language, the author has managed to bring across to her readers the hardships and troubles that graced her rise. The author talks of her relationship with her family, her love for food and her personal thoughts that she puts across in an articulate manner. In a nutshell, the book is immersive, engaging and hard to put down.

The journey from the kitchens in her childhood to becoming a judge of one of the most popular cooking shows in the world, the author talks about it all. The book is an enlightening tale of hard work, dedication and perseverance. She talks about her different stints in the modelling world, television and life as a child. The book truly seems to come from the heart of the author. The author’s words connect with the readers in a friendly manner. It will often seem like you’re having a firsthand experience by her side as she faces the struggles and the good times. ‘Love, Loss and What We Ate’ is another example of what defines Padma Lakshmi in all her glory.

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Padma Lakshmi

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