Mahabharat For Children: Tales From India


The epic of Mahabharat is not just a story but an integral part of Hinduism. The voluminous epic is said to contain almost every aspect that can be thought of. It has love, it has passion, it has war, it has treachery, it has life and it has death. It tells the story of dharma and depicts the victory of good over evil. It also has the gospel of Gita – the way of life.In our efforts to bring classic Indian literature to the Kindle and other modern platforms, we have attempted to retell this story in two parts. This second and concluding part depicts the actual Mahabharat war. The stories are kept simple and illustrated with pictures for children to understand.Lord Krishna was an incarnation of Narayana. He always sided with dharma – the righteous way. It is said that whenever there is a dearth of righteousness in the world and there is a danger of lawlessness becoming prevalent in the world,he reincarnates himself. God always guides and leads the righteous and virtuous. The one whose life is guided and guarded by God himself has nothing to fear. As you read the Mahabharat, you will understand the subtle message of each incident in it. May the teachings of the Mahabharat be the guiding light in your life.

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Gurivi G, Praful B

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7 Days

ISBN: 978-1511726306


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