Many Lives, Many Masters

Dr. Brian Weiss presents a true account of the documentation of his experience with one of his patients. During the course of the treatment, he discovered that he could dive into the past lives of his patient Catherine, through hypnosis. This treatment shook the very foundation of his non-existent beliefs in reincarnation. The book is titled ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ and it gives an accentuated and detailed account of the treatment and the changes witnessed between the doctor and the patient relation.
The book has a sub-title ‘The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His young patient and the Past- Life Therapy that changed both their lives’. This aptly explains the ups and downs that the treatment brings in both their lives; how the condition became worse even after constant attempts by Dr. Weiss. The book closely follows their discussions as both Dr. Weiss and Catherine dive further into her past life. They eventually succeed in bringing to light some fascinating surprises, such as when Catherine is able to narrate past facts about the doctor’s family and about his son who passed away some time ago. The book will make you ponder on the belief of reincarnation and will make you question what you yourself believe in. It features traditional methods of psychology and the newly discovered ‘past-life regression’ therapy, using which Dr. Weiss has treated over 4000 patients.


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Brian Weiss

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