Meet Zippy


Series Blurb: The Zippy series introduces young readers to an engaging bunch of characters who have a new adventure in every book! Each character has a different appearance, personality, skills and interests as the Zippy series acknowledges and celebrates diversity. Following the adventures of Zippy and his friends will encourage young children to develop an interest in books, language and reading. Book Blurb: Join Zippy the zebra and his friends as they learn life lessons and discover the world around them in a series that promises to be fun from start to finish. In ‘Meet Zippy’ the first book in the Zippy series, join Zippy and his friends for their first big adventure! Meet Chikki, Reebo, Rippy, Rollo, Deepu, Cheenu, Giri, Ela, Toto and Jiya as they make an amazing discovery in the playground!

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Anitha Balachandran

Reading Period

7 Days

ISBN: 978-9352774272


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