Memories Of Hills And Dales

Would you rather live here or in that poky little house in the town?’ asked Grandmother.
‘Here,’ said Koki. ‘But only if you are here too, Granny.’
‘The trees will be here,’ said Granny.
A grandmother telling the tales of the past to her granddaughter; a mysterious kiss from a stranger in the dark; schoolboys taking off for a trek to a glacier; an old kitemaker reminiscing about his heydays; and a beautiful village girl whose charms a city boy can’t resist. This is a collection of stories of life in the hills and the joys, sorrows and excitement it holds.
Written by Ruskin Bond, Memories of Hills and Dales will entertain, amuse and charm you with its shades of romance, happiness, grief and humour.


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Ruskin Bond

Reading Period

7 Days

ISBN: 978-8129151421


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