Mind Without Fear


For nine years, Rajat Gupta led McKinsey and company ? The first foreign-born person to head the world’s most influential management consultancy. He was also the driving force behind major initiatives such as the Indian School of business and the public health foundation of India. In 2011, Gupta was arrested and charged with Insider trading. Throughout his trial and imprisonment, he has fought the Charges and maintains his innocence to this day.In these pages, Gupta recalls his unlikely rise from orphan to immigrant to international icon as well as his dramatic fall from grace. And for the first time, he tells his side of the story in the scandal that destroyed his career and reputation. Candid, compelling and poignant, Gupta’s memoir is much more than a courtroom drama; it is an extraordinary tale of human resilience and personal growth.

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Rajat Gupta

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ISBN: 978-9386228871


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