Mistresses: Enemies To Lovers

No More Sweet Surrender by Caitlin Crews

Ivan Korovin is determined to cement his evolution from dirt-poor, dreamless kid to billionaire philanthropist. First he has a serious PR problem to take care of, outspoken Miranda Sweet has ruined his reputation by labelling him ‘Caveman #1’ in her bestselling book.

The solution? Give the ravenous public what they want ? to see the enemies become lovers! from the red carpet in LA to black-tie charity balls in Moscow, they play out their pretend love story for all the world see. But beneath the glare of the spotlight, its getting harder to tell what’s real and what’s for show?

A Deal with Di Capua by Cathy Williams

Behind Rosie Tom’s angelic face and sinfully delicious body, Angelo Di Capua knows there is a deceitful gold-digger. But his late wife has left Rosie a cottage on his country estate ? and if she wants to stay, she’ll have to make a deal with the devil!

Rosie must accept her ex lover’s offer to save her struggling business. But while she longs for his touch, she can’t trust the man who betrayed her by marrying her best friend. If her resolve fails, she will lose more than her worldly possessions. She’ll lose her heart to Di Capua. Again.

Her Return to King’s Bed by Maureen Child

Revenge has never been so sweet as in this Kings of California novel by USA Today bestselling author Maureen Child?

She married him. Used him. Then left him. Rico King has waited five years for revenge. Now he’s got Teresa Coretti where he wants her. To save her family, she’ll return to Rico’s island?and his bed?for one month. That will cure the hunger that’s afflicted him since she left?.

But Rico can’t know what it cost Teresa to leave him. Nor the exquisite torture of being with him again. Because soon, her divided loyalties could once again cost her the love of her life.


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Caitlin Crews

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ISBN: 978-0263927566


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