People Called Mumbai

People called Mumbai: Children’s edition, 20 real life stories for kids, Story book for children
Have you ever passed anyone on the streets of Mumbai and thought to yourself “I wonder what this person’s life is like”. Here is a book that attempts to answer that question.
People called Mumbai is a story book for kids with real stories of real people. The 20 stories help children play WITNESS to the lives that surround them in Mumbai. Kids can see and meet the various interesting and commonplace people that surround us and hear their unique stories. In this book one can read about Jeenibai – the potter from Kumbharwada, Navin Rathod – Anil Kapoor’s Duplicate, Pramila Kshirsagar the Police Sub-Inspector and many more . The learnings are fabulous and the journey through many of Mumbai’s lives will help children realise the unique sub-cultures that thrive in large metros like Mumbai. There is adventure, humour, tragedy, simplicity, bravery and much more. Its all real and all in Mumbai. Get out of your own world and enter the many worlds of People called Mumbai.
The People Place Project is an initiative to chronicle the life and times we live in. Through a lens of people and places, we hope to pin together the narrative of how we have come to be here – our language, our thoughts, our attire, our structures – everything that defines us. The Project will travel through cities of the world to unravel fresh individual narratives that add to the whole. Started in 2014 under the title People Called Mumbai, the second book published was People Called Ahmedabad in January 2017. People Called Mumbai, Children’s Edition was launched in October, 2017 to bring the project closer to children with easy-reading stories based on the lives of real people in the city of Mumbai.


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Vinitha Ramchandani

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ISBN: 978-9381593264


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