Power Of Spur


“Power of Spur” indicates or explains about strength of words, personality or inspiring thoughts.

We at times fail to understand own spur that is imbibed in our personality but in disguised form. As we all know that any bike or scooter starts with a kick, similarly that kick is required to push our thoughts and make it a go getter or trend setter. As an individual we all have power to think unique and give a beautiful shape to our thoughts via actions. Merely a thought lying in our head is waste.

Most of the time we end up thinking that people will laugh on our ideas or thoughts as it might sound stupid to them. It’s a big .NO. We get conscious here and suppress our ideas instead of bringing those thoughts into action or make it happen in the society. The most effective way is to convenience and influence people is when we touch their heart and connect with their mind as an individual. This practical book is a real guide to help and support to bring the hidden spark which will take you in the right direction of your life and leave you as a best version of you.

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Sadhna Saxena

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14 Days

ISBN: 978-8193304594


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