Professor Birdsong’s 157 Dumbest Criminal Stories


Professor Birdsong loves dumb criminals. How dumb can a criminal be? Dumb enough to make you laugh out loud at these true stories of really dumb criminal activity. Leonard Birdsong is a law professor who specializes in criminal law who has collected 157 of his most favorite stories about dumb criminals. Criminals can be dumb and sometimes they are so dumb as to be really funny. This book is a collection of stories about dumb criminals from around the United States including the Professor’s home state of Florida, criminal dummies from abroad, and drunken dummies from all over. All the stories are true and include Professor Birdsong’s witty commentary. The book is sure to deliver some great belly laughs like the one about a transvestite purse snatcher who loses her water-filled condom which she used as a fake breast or the “drunken dummy” who called 911 to report a slot machine stole his money. Get your copy now and enjoy the humorous side of life as a criminal.

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Leonard Birdsong

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