Radhika Takes The Plunge


It wasnt Radhikas idea to move from India to some crazy place where kids are 49% fish! Even so, shes wanted to go swimming since Day 1 in Australia, and is almost drowning in frustration over her mothers queen- sized water phobia.

When Radhika finally gets her chance, she faces a zillion more problems, from finding a swimsuit that fits to understanding the age-old secrets of breathing. Will she sink or swim? What will Radhika do when she needs to strike out for herself?

This is an amusing story about one girl prepared to take a plunge. Its about new experiences, unfamiliar environments and the challenge of putting together that most difficult of all jigsaw puzzles the mind of a parent.

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Anu Biswas

Reading Period

7 Days

ISBN: 978-9381017265


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