Refugee Changemakers: From Displaced To Indispensable


Challenges. Fear. Uncertainty.
We all face it. We all want to overcome it and strive for greatness.
What stops us still?
Refugee Changemakers traces the journey of 13 individuals, who were taken to the brink of these feelings but turned their misery into a mission to create a positive change in their community – the Netherlands – where they live now.
“I was walking, and people were dying in front of my eyes; hundreds of corpses lay untouched.”
– A survivor fleeing from Aleppo
She looks at a mother carrying her little boy in her arms – the baby has fainted. “Why would the mother bring her baby on this death trip?”
– A mother on a boat in the Mediterranean
“We talk about each other, but we don’t talk to each other. I started a radio channel to facilitate a dialogue between Syrians and the local community.”
– Founder, local Radio channel
“I want to give hope and encouragement to as many people as I can with my actions and words.”
– First female refugee entrepreneur in the Netherlands

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Apoorva Mittal

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ISBN: 978-1644291146


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