Revenge Is Sweet


Some people are always on your mind! GETTING EVEN Geraint Howell-Williams was sure Lola Hennessy had used her womanly charms to win an inheritance. Lola was beautiful and Geraint had reasons for wanting to find out more about this temptress. KISS AND TELL Cormack Casey had turned Triss’s life upside down and hurt her deeply. They hadn’t seen each other since the night their son was conceived! Now she planned to tell Cormack he was a father…and leave. SETTLING THE SCORE Dominic smiled as his mind lingered on the pleasurable retribution he was going to exact. He had waited five years and now it was high time that he settled a score with delicious Romy Salisbury.

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Sharon Kendrick

Reading Period

28 Days

ISBN: 978-9351779216


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