Rupee Millionaires


Impoverished Frank and unpredictable rogue Spud have a plan – to make a million. There is only one small problem…they are trying to do it in India. Starting out on a windy market stall in London’s St Martin’s-in-the-Field market and progressing to the colourful bazaars of Delhi and Rajasthan, the two bumbling entrepreneurs battle all manner of local obstacles, from giant cockroaches and unforeseen public holidays to crafty businessmen and inept tailors, to fulfil their dream. If you like comedies, travelogues and/or memoirs then you’ll love this book. The charm and richness of India is portrayed beautifully, and together with some great characters, surprising twists and emotional moments, this is a truly enjoyable read. This book is about self-searching, faith, hope, love and friendship – it is also about the depths of foolishness we human beings can reach with all of our quirks and foibles. This story is so much more than a mere memoir or travelogue.

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Frank Kusy

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ISBN: 978-0957585126


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