Seabiscuit: The True Story Of Three Men And A Racehorse

Made into a major motion picture starring Toby Maguire and Jeff Daniels.
In 1938 one figure received more press coverage than Mussolini, Hitler or Roosevelt. He was a cultural icon and a world-class athlete – and an undersized, crooked-legged racehorse by the name of Seabiscuit.
Misunderstood and mishandled, Seabiscuit had spent seasons floundering in the lowest ranks of racing until a chance meeting of three men. Together, they created a champion. This is a story which topped the bestseller charts for over two years a riveting tale of grit, grace, luck and an underdog’s stubborn determination to win against all odds.
The true story of three men and their dreams for a racehorse – Seabiscuit – which encompasses a pivotal moment in American history: its resurrection from the Depression.


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Laura Hillenbrand

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ISBN: 978-1841150925


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