Sri Ramakrishna And His Divine Play

The marvelous story of Sri Ramakrishna’s life — the intimate details of how he realized God and how he taught his disciples to do the same. The authentic, factual, descriptive, interpretive, and comprehensive biography of Sri Ramakrishna, the spiritual phenomenon of our age.
. . . for experienced meditators this book offers delightful and profound answers to deeper questions about traveling the spiritual path.
. . . for scholars this book offers the source biography for Ramakrishna’s life and teachings, as well as an authentic look into India’s spiritual history and its various religious and philosophical traditions.
. . . for those simply interested in adventure, this book provides absorbing details of the journey through consciousness of one of the greatest spiritual figures of all time.


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Swami Saradadnanda

Reading Period

35 Days

ISBN: 978-0916356811


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