Srimad Bhagavatam

This is a summarized version of “Mahapurana Srimad Bhagvatam”. Though condensed the book carries all the important aspects. The author has done away with the ornamentation and decorations and has kept the hard core of the “Mahapurana”. She has brought out the essentials of “Srimad Bhagavatam” in a simple and appealing language. This book is a confluence of Bhakti yoga, karma yoga and Jnana yoga. More details: “Bhagavatam” is the essence of all Vedic wisdom. This book – “Bhagavat Purana” is made up of ten sections. Various stories of Purana are told in this book. Krishna s story with the Mahabharat story in it is told in more detail than the others. The story of Pururavas and the celestial maid Urvashi, the story of King Trishanku who wanted to enter heaven with his earthly body, Yayati and Devyani s story, Dushyanta Shakuntala, and many others are told here.


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Kamala Subramaniam

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35 Days

ISBN: 978-8172763763


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