Super Zero

Want to know how to be a Superhero? It’s easy-peasy-choco-cheesy! But SuperZero, our ten-year-old hero, is the only student at the Superhero School who can’t seem to find his superpowers. Every time he trys to save the town, he turns it upside down!

But when the Eggstremely Dangerous Eggster unleashes a truly diabolical weapon of mass destruction, it’s left to SuperZero to foil his plans. Except, he’s accidentaly locked himself up in a zoo. Now … what to do?

Join SuperZero as he trips, tumbles and crashes through loony adventures with a vampire who hates blood, a dude who appears only in patches, a cutie who starts as a girl and ends as a snake, a dog that eats Everything in sight.


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Jane De Suza

Reading Period

14 Days

ISBN: 978-0143333340


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