The Beast Tamer

It was the custom of this household that no crime or misdeed ever went unpunished and there were no exceptions to this rule. It applied to one and all?human beings, animals, even insects. My uncle showed no mercy, hating the very word, as to him it was the mark of weakness. What happens when there is an epic battle between cruelty and humaneness and the one caught in the middle is a hapless animal? Lost in the forests of India, a man comes across a bizarre and dangerous ritual?does he flee or does he stay and rescue his fellow travellers? And in the uneven contest between a man with his gun and a panther or tiger, how does man end up winning? From jungles to battlefields to the frozen Russian countryside, adventure and danger lurk everywhere. Read the awe-inspiring adventures set in these exotic locations in this new collection compiled by Ruskin Bond.


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Ruskin Bond

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7 Days

ISBN: 978-8129144577


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