The Blackmail Baby

When eighteen-year-old Imogen married Dracco Barrington, she did so with an open heart. He was her deceased father’s business partner, and she had loved him all her life.

But shortly after the wedding ceremony, Imogen uncovered a truth about Dracco that sent her fleeing?all the way to Rio de Janeiro!

Four years later Imogen needed money. Badly. But when she returned to Dracco’s London home, she received an offer that was nothing less than shocking. Dracco would pay her one million pounds to stay and be his wife?and another million if she agreed to have his baby!

On the surface, Imogen seemed to be getting what she wanted?the money she urgently needed, a family she longed for and the man she desperately loved. But at what cost?


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Penny Jordan

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14 Days

ISBN: 978-0263829211


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