The Boy Who Swallowed A Nail And Other Stories

Appa is busy trying to buy a buffalo, Amma is wondering where to hang a clothesline in Dhanulti, while Cheenu has happily swallowed a nail!
Lalita Iyer’s family is always up to something. Read about their quirks and adventures in this charming collection of stories.
“Lalita Iyer is a very innocent storyteller. She narrates them with a granny’s ease. The most interesting part is, the stories have been picked up from day to day life, which can surprise the reader, as if they were his or her own story. The stories are very emotional and told very intimately. One should go through these stories just for their freshness. They carry a very palatable fragrance of the soil.” – Gulzar.


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Lalita Iyer

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7 Days

ISBN: 978-9385887260


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