The Chakrata Cat

As the light came on, I saw the cat standing at the foot of the bed, tail erect and hair on end. It was very angry. And then?its appearance changed and its head was that of a human?a woman, black-browed with flaring nostrils and large crooked ears, her lips full and drenched with blood?my blood!This is a collection of some of Ruskin Bond’s most pithy short stories ranging from eerie suspense to touching empathy. There’s a bloodthirsty cat in a colonial rest house; an uncle who carries a vial of deadly arsenic with him; a mysterious woman whose seven husbands have disappeared one after another; and the touching tales of animals in the wilderness and their lonely struggle for survival against humans.Captivating and addictive, The Chakrata Cat will keep you enthralled till the end.


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Ruskin Bond

Reading Period

14 Days

ISBN: 978-8129149541


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