The Children’s Companion

Delightful stories for children by one of India’s most loved writers.
For over six decades now, Ruskin Bond has been entertaining and touching the lives of countless readers, young and old, with his stories, novels and poems. Children’s Omnibus: Volume 2 brings together, the best of his stories for young readers. Included here are old favorites like ‘The School among the Pines’ and ‘The Night the Roof Blew Off’, as well as lesser-known anecdotes such as the hilarious ‘My Failed Omelettes and Other Disasters’ and the heart-warming ‘Adventures in Reading’.
A selection of his charming, whimsical poetry for children, also included in this volume, makes this book a truly enchanting read. Funny, thoughtful, nostalgic and uplifting, Children’s Omnibus: Volume 2 is a treat for children and adults alike.


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Ruskin Bond

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14 Days

ISBN: 978-8129129741


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