The Colombian Monsters

Pedro Lopez liked hosting tea parties, with corpses as his guests. Daniel Camargo sought out virgins, and took both their virtues and their lives. Luis Garavito became sadistically violent after years of sexual abuse. In Colombia in the 1970s, ?80s and ?90s, these three monsters cut a swath of terror across a country already ravaged by poverty as well as the casualties of the region?s powerful drug cartels. The three are among the most prolific serial killers in the world, and incredibly are believed to be responsible for nearly 1,000 murders of young boys and girls whose positions on the lower rungs of society?s ladder made them especially vulnerable. These true accounts of Colombia?s most sadistic of sex criminals reveal the awful price they forced the most innocent of victims to pay when their childhood betrayals turned to uncontrollable rage. These chilling true crime stories are the stuff of nightmares, and if you?re not left shattered by the sheer number of victims ? you?ll reel when you learn how little time these madmen served for destroying the lives of so many families already struggling with hardship. It?s a serial killer biography that will not only leave you stunned, but also wondering if the infamous Pedro Lopez – released after serving less than 30 years – is still alive somewhere, holding macabre tea parties with his young victims.


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Jack Rosewood

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ISBN: 978-1533070708


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