The Disappearances

Thick with mystery, buried secrets and magic, nothing is safe in The Disappearances. Be careful, or you might lose yourself in this strange and wondrous world, where stars go missing, reflections don’t exist and the question, how much would you sacrifice for love? is given entirely new meaning. I adored this book!’ – Stephanie Garber, bestselling author of Caraval

‘The Disappearances is a wonder of a book. I lost myself in this world where reflections, scents and stars go missing and revelled in its reveal’ — Kiran Millwood Hargrave, author of The Girl of Ink and Stars

Every seven years something disappears in the remote town of Sterling: people’s reflections, the stars in the sky, the ability to dream. Aila realises that her mother may be to blame for the curse. But some mysteries are buried very deep and some secrets want to stay hidden – and one young woman’s desire to uncover the truth may not be enough to save Sterling from the past.

A beautifully told story of love, loss and finding the truth – no matter how difficult that may be.


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Emily Bain Murphy

Reading Period

21 Days

ISBN: 978-1782691495


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